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Exciting Times!

So, it's been quite a few months in the making but the Mindfulness course I have wanted to offer is now live!

If any of you have ever tried to record anything in a 'normal' home with the usual distractions and coming and goings then you'll understand my pain :-/ . The course has been a labour of love with many edits - usually cutting out snoring dogs, noisy children, planes deciding to change their flight path (on purpose I'm sure) parcel deliveries and no end of other background noises.

So I apologise for the fact that it has not been recorded in a sound booth, as my eldest daughter says - it adds reality to the content!!

I learnt how to teach Mindfulness a few years ago and often dreamed of teaching it in various ways and now this website has allowed me to do just that. An affordable option for anyone to download and follow the steps in their own space and in their own time.

In a world where many of us are cash- and time-poor this was really important for me to offer. I have seen real, positive results and changes with genuine clients when I have taught Mindfulness during counselling sessions.

There are so many stress factors in every-bodies lives, if practicing Mindfulness can alleviate even a 10th of those stressors then it has to be worth trying, and you never know, it might bring you an enormous sense of fulfilment allowing self reflection and wellbeing.

Nothing changes in our lives unless we take that first step to change it ourselves - so go on, make that change, take that step, try something new.

Now for the science bit............Regularly practicing Mindfulness *can improve relationships, change the brain chemistry to enhance focus, memory and attention, reduce negative stress and enhance positive emotions, help the immune system to fight illness, build compassion, help with PTSD and anxiety and encourage mindful eating and weight control.

Thank you for reading my blog - watch out for my next project - guided visualisations!!

If you believe you are in crisis and require professional intervention please contact your GP or the

Samaritans on 0330 094 5717.

*Mindfulness is an excellent tool for use in daily life and really can help with all of the above when practiced correctly and regularly, however as with all things in life, there are no guarantees.

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